Monday, August 1, 2011

Vacation in Utah

Here is Michael in his silly dinosaur hat. This is the only known photograph of one of the dads in a silly hat, as Uncle Keith has forbidden his to be shown to the world on pain of death. Shhh... don't tell Dad. :)

Samuel, on the other hand, was not shy at all about showing off his ferocious "swamp thing" hat. Very scary!

While at Keith and Camille's, we had a "silly hat day." We went to the hospital to cheer Grandpa up. Here is everybody showing off their hats!

We took the newest member of the family on the trip-Charlie the four-pound wonder Chorkie. He was very happy to see his sisters Lucy and Roxy.

The Vegetable Room. Need I say more? (Andrew and his Schramm boy cousins)