Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Birthday Pictures

A while ago I posted about my birthday, but I posted no pictures. I'm going to post them now.

 Me, Andrew, Samuel, and Dad with my yummy cake.
 Is this not the best face you have ever seen? I have no idea how Mom managed to take this picture, but I think it's hilarious.
BLOWING!!!!! Gotta love the second silly face, right?

Art and Catupult

We have been having a lot of fun recently with Andrew as he is earning his scouting Arrow of Light. He has gotten to do a lot of fun stuff, and we have had a lot of fun with him. One thing he got to do was make some different types of art. He used some stuff he made at school, something he made at a friend's house, and some stuff he just did at home. 
This is some "splatter art," a la Jackson Pollock, which he made at his friend's house. It is appropriately named "Splat."

 This is a flag drawn with markers. The title is "Old Glory."

 This is a crayon-resist called "The Fish."

 Profile of me. (Ask Andrew how a profile picture is made-he is now an expert!) I don't think it has a title.

 This is "The Rainbow Fish." You have to love the bubbles! :)

 A beautiful sunrise on a nice beach (I want to go swimming now...fishies and beaches...summer...ahhh...)
 "Bull's Eye" (I don't really know what this one is, but I like the colors he chose..)

I think this is King Tut or something. I love the gold paint and the hieroglyphics. (This isn't a very good photograph of the picture, because of bad lighting-it's hanging up in our house and if you come over you will be able to see it better.)
So, that's some of Andrew's art! Now, we will move onto another fun scouting thingy: a CATAPULT!

In theory, the catapult shoots marshmallows. Well, it turned out that we have no marshmallows. So we made do with cotton balls, milk bottle caps, and in one instance, a glove. (You will understand when you watch the video.)

So this is a video, fantastically narrated by me, of the catapult in action. We also took a few photos of Mom and Andrew building the catapult.
 A cute picture of Mom, Samuel, and Andrew next to the finished product.
 Working on it...
Well, we had a fun time with Andrew-and if you ever need somebody to assault your enemies with cotton balls, we're ready to help! :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Birthday!

Last week, I turned 13. Yay! I am now officially an annoying teenager. Anyhoo, y'all may be rather annoyed that I didn't write about this earlier. Well, I have a good excuse. I was sick. Yay, not. I had something nasty all weekend, which made me so mad. (Happy birthday to me-I get to be sick on my birthday! And, of course, I didn't even get to miss any school because it was a four-day weekends. Grrrrr...) Well. Getting back on track, I did actually have a good birthday. We had a family celebration on Saturday, which was fun. Mommy made me a lovely chocolate cake, as per my request, and we had a very fun time with balloons and movies. Despite me being in my pajamas and in a state of semi-consciousness all weekend. Thank you, wonderful family for putting up with me! I <3 you! 
I really don't have any pictures to back this post up with, (mainly because I begged that none be taken of me) but there is one of my with the cake because it was dark in there. I will try to post it later. So. Until my next post!