Monday, March 12, 2012


Today, since we didn't have school, we went with our buddies the Larsens to the Butterfly House, which is a very fun place to explore in Dow Gardens here in Midland. They have about fifteen hundred thousand bajillion types (okay, I have no idea how many, but it's a lot) of butterflies. They are brought in from all over the world and if you haven't ever been to see them, it's pretty awesome.
Here's Samuel with a little bright yellow butterfly.
Samuel had two butterflies here-a little tiny one on his shoulder (more on that one later) and one on his hand.
This is me and my butterfly BFF. Allow me to explain. Andrew handed me this Queen butterfly, (which, by the way, kept walking all over me) and it adopted me. It would not go away. I would give it to someone else to hold, and after a few minutes, it would stubbornly flutter back to me. So naturally, we have a lot of pictures of me holding this butterfly.
Samuel and his butterfly BFF. This was a really, really cute little one with black wings and a big, bright orange body. I still have NO idea what type of butterfly it is, so if anybody figures it out, please let me know!
Andrew and a Julia butterfly, which are INCREDIBLY hard to catch-wow! :)
I don't know what kind of butterfly this is either, but it looks really cool, and it was really big (for a butterfly.)

The Butterfly that would not leave...

And here it is again...

Andrew and some type of butterfly

Andrew showing a butterfly to Kate Larsen

Andrew was SO lucky to get this: two Blue Morpho  butterflies at once! He immediately drew a large crowd.

Samuel, me, and Beth Larsen (and various butterflies)

Andrew and Samuel and their butterflies
   We had a great time visiting the butterflies!