Tuesday, April 3, 2012

General Conference

     This is going to be just a quick post about General Conference. We had Conference Breakfast as usual with yummy cinnamon rolls and sausage and fruit and eggs and all that good stuff. Cinnamon rolls...om nom nom :) So our friends the Ostergaards and the Larsens came over and had breakfast and talked about Conference with us. The general consensus was that all the speakers were fabulous! I liked Jeffery R. Holland's and President Eyring's a lot. I'm going to refrain from telling about all of my favorites so that this post won't drag on into infinity and bore you to death...but I am going to mention one more thing that was pretty funny.
     All of you who have watched Conference may remember one speaker's reference to something President Kimball said when he was asked what to do in a boring Sacrament Meeting; President Kimball replied, "I don't know; I've never been in one."
     At this point, Samuel looked up from his Conference Bingo and emphatically stated, "I have!" (Oh well, at least he was paying attention...*sigh*)