Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Arrow of Light

Here we go with Step Three of Operation Update Blog. 
In this post we will be skipping...
Andrew's choir concert, 
A Pinewood Derby win,
Charlie having a bath (an all-too-rare occurrence, sadly)
and a ballet recital, (you can tell how excited Andrew is about this)
we'll move on to...our very own Scout Extraordinaire. 

Let's have a big hand for Andrew Hales!!!!!!
   Andrew is amazing. He got about a zillion awards. Including all these pins which must be pinned onto the one sleeve of his scouting uniform. (I'm a little afraid that he might fall over from having to wear said scout shirt, which is probably very heavy by now from all the thingummies and doodads attached to it.) Anyway, as previously stated, Andrew, you rock! He worked really hard and we are sooooo proud of him!!!!! Also, he got his Arrow of Light. Besides having a really cool name, the Arrow of Light is the highest award you can get in Cub Scouting! Go Andrew! 
   Now, the thing about arrows is that they are very fun, and give you a sense of power. Therefore it is not advisable to hold them for too long, or the things shown in the above picture may happen.
Just kidding. Andrew has not tried to attack anyone with his arrow...at least not yet.
This is kind of a bad picture, but if you can try and imagine how bad the other ones are.. you'll feel better. Maybe.

Anyway, Andrew is the best! We are really proud of him and excited for him to continue to 11-year-old scouting. Yay Andrew!

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