Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Utah, Part 1

We just got back from our trip to Utah! We had a great time seeing cousins, grandparents, and everyone else. As usual, we drove to Utah. It was a LOOOOOONG trip. 
Samuel was tired.
Andrew and Charlie were tired.
(I was tired too, but we have no pictures of that. Mom and Dad were VERY tired. Again, no pictures.)

When we got to Utah, we did lots of fun stuff with the Schramm cousins, who are probably the funnest people on the planet. :) One of them was...shooting!
One fine summer day, Anna Oakley,
Little Miss Corrine Sure Shot,
Single-Shot Sariah, 
"Atomic-Bomb" Andrew,
I'll-think-of-a-cool-name-for-him-later Jakob,
"Blow-'em-to-bits" Samuel,
and Hotshot Hayden went SHOOTING!
These are the guns. Aren't they awesome? (The pink gun is Corrine's. We started calling it Pink Magic, because it rocks.)
.This is Uncle Keith. Uncle Keith is very good at shooting, and he showed us how to do it.
When you go shooting you have to wear ear protection so the sound of the gunshots doesn't hurt your ears. The ear protection can also be used to simulate bug eyes.
The only water was a cooler with a little spout. If you wanted a drink you had to carefully pour it into your mouth without sucking on it and getting it all germy. The little kids baby birds needed some help with this.
Sometimes Mama Bird also needs a drink.
Corrine showed Samuel how to shoot. Here is Hayden demonstrating. (That's Andrew off to the side.)
Samuel's turn.
Jakob, Andrew, and Uncle Keith played with the big guns.
I got to do some shooting also. It's a very satisfying experience. 
I am very proud of this picture. Yes, it's what you've been longing to see: Andrew sitting in a princess chair.
I took another picture of the princess chair so you could see it better.
Mom has Dad's gun. See how scared he is! :)
Andrew got to use the big shotguns. They kick pretty hard!
Helpers in the work of destruction...someone needs to get out the targets, right?
The view from the shooting area.
Hooray for shooting! I will be back soon with more vacation pictures. :)


  1. Oh my Anna, what a lot work you did, uploading and commenting on every photo. Nice job!

  2. Very nice reporting. We had fun too! When are you coming back for more?